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“From city to city and country to country the opportunities provided for our ensemble were some of the best experiences of our lives. ”

— Mrs. Darcy Radcliffe, orchestra director, Abilene TX, USA


Culture Path Ltd is a leading creator and facilitator of Arts, Education and Entertainment projects. With over 40 years of experience in the fields of concert presentation, tour organization and event production in the professional, amateur, and semi-professional fields, Culture Path continues to establish itself as a major player in the international Arts and Education landscape.

Culture Path’s primary goal is to infuse each of its projects with an enthusiasm and hands on feeling that has been shown to provide the participants with the best experience possible. Our projects continually bridge gaps between cultures and countries through our focus on individual needs and cultural experience.

One of our advantages as a company is our ability to combine the venue, production and promotion strength that we have gained through our experience and contacts in the professional arts world and transplant those strengths into our semi-professional and amateur endeavours. We deliver professional level facilities and service to every project we undertake. This is the unique boutique experience that we offer our clients.

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