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Barrage 8 is a musical spectacle that will touch every one of your senses. It's impossible not to be moved by this virtuosic, high-energy show which craftily reveals a wide range of musical styles.  The creators of Barrage have expanded their sonic palette to in­clude the entire string instrument family.  While there are plenty of ensemble numbers, Barrage 8 also fea­tures the performers as soloists, in trios and other engaging col­laborations! The elaborately choreographed show includes whirling dancing set to infectious rhythms that energize audi­ences start to finish. 

With a track record of 3000+ performances in 27 countries over a 20-year career, Barrage has established itself as one of the pre-eminent string music performance ensembles in the world.

Barrage 8 Baba Yetu feat. Juventus Vocalis & Bühne Frei, BRASSerie, Benjamin Link

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